CRC DATA - Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Changing data into useful information.

All Companies from small to Large Enterprises generate stored data. Data alone cannot provide answers to the most important questions like:

  • product costs from manufacture to market sales
  • CRC DATA will convert your raw data into business information. We have the expertise and experience in implementing Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions that will help you fully utilize your Enterprise data. Our Business Intelligence and Analytics capabilities include:
  1. Enhanced Reporting
  2. Superior Query and Analysis
  3. KPI Dashboards
  4. Performance Scorecards
  5. Business Performance Management tools
  6. Advanced Statistical analysis
  7. Expertise in multiple BI and BA tools

While CRC DATA provides your company with our Technical Expertise for your BI and BA needs; CRC DATA will also give you access to our Frameworks and Toolkits that we have developed over the last 25 years.