Technology is not only the path for building a stronger, more efficient and more lean company; it’s the accelerant and the propellant which launches a company far beyond their competition.

CRC DATA provides structure and clarity based on 25 years of experience. Knowing that that one size doesn’t fit all, we create solutions to meet your unique project requirements. Why should you invest in the hiring of staff, purchasing and maintenance of new servers, then struggle through the vast learning curve only to find out you started out on the wrong path. We deliver ROI plans and scheduling up front.

We deliver the Platform, Designs, experienced Architects, and Programmers as needed to meet your schedule and your demands where others could not. Our staff is genuinely dedicated to help build your business, with our vast knowledge of current technologies and products in developing your custom solution. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in meeting your budget, your goals, and your schedule. [Contact us today]

Our difference is the entire life cycle; from strategy to design, development, implementation and management; it’s not about the technology, it’s what it can do for your business. Imagine launching a fully laden rocket into space, only to find it missed the target. We are experts in our field and always hit our target…


PLEASE NOTE: BI is an iterative process. Using current long term data, we can analyze your data to see what has happened in the past. Then you can take actions internally to ensure that "the good things we find" keep happening and that "the bad things we find" will be stopped or corrected.


Because of our development skills in providing your required BI processes, with training, and with your continued efforts you gain the ability to continue your own analyze of data at any time in the future setting milestones in determining whether your actions have been making things better or worse and whether external factors helped or hindered your efforts. We offer maintenance plans to meet your current and future needs.

As your BI Provider, we provide a user-centric approach, where we work backwards from your client data needs by fully researching and understanding your specific reporting needs, then using our applicable business processes in designing a solution that properly retrieves and structures your data retreival to support your specific business needs [Contact us today]

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