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  • CRC DATA - using Scrum Methodology

    Scrum Methodology

    The Scrum Reference Card

    For many developers in the software industry, the agile methodology is nothing new. Most folks know that agile was a direct response to the … more

  • CRC DATA - Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Changing data into useful information.

    All Companies from small to Large Enterprises generate stored data. Data alone cannot provide answers to … more

  • CRC DATA - MVC (Model View Controller)

    Jan 7 2012 7:20 PM

    What is MVC (Model View Controller)

    Before taking you into the programming side of MVC let’s first make you understand what MVC is. Is MVC something that was … more

  • CRC DATA - Summary of Qualifications

    Sep 15 2011 7:58 PM


    Expert experience in accomplishing new research and development projects utilizing multi-tier client-server technologies

    Over twenty years proven … more

  • CRC DATA - Programming experience

    Sep 15 2011 7:57 PM

    Programming experience include:

    Project Analysis, research, design, scheduling, documentation, programming, testing, and implementation, and the maintenance of full scale 2-3 … more

  • CRC DATA - Database Technologies

    Sep 15 2011 7:54 PM

    Database experience include: SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, Informix

    The Setup, Design, and Administration of Internals, System Tuning, Data Conversion, Backup Strategies, and … more

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